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Sunlight Enterprise is an end-to-end insurance administration solution with separate modules for Policy, Billing, and Claims.  Plus we offer CRM, BI Reporting, Workflow and Database.  We are built with modern Microsoft technology and a strong business focus to provide all of the features needed to run an insurance business.

We provide efficiency for end users with easy ways to navigate our solution.  Our customer care desktop enables users to easily access any customer, policy, or claim.


The perfect carrier to use our solution today is:

  • A large carrier who has the need to get a new line of business up and running quickly; or

  • A smaller carrier who would like to transfer their entire book of business to a modern solution


Our strong product configuration and rules engine enable quick product introduction and simple rules management.  We offer the ability to create a package policy that can combine multiple products.

Contact David McFarlin with questions about Sunlight or to schedule a demonstration: / (847) 208-4822

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The rules engine is a critical piece used to manage:

  • Premium calculation

  • Eligibility, guidelines, underwriting and claim rules

  • Drop-down lists for deductibles and limits

  • Workflow set up to automatically transfer quotes and claims

  • Configuration of screen and data rules


The rules engine is versioned by date and location, and has two main components:

  • Dynamic table definition with multiple dimensions, for rating or otherwise, using common data types

  • Formula definition to calculate rules and premiums


Agile implementation methodology enables our customers to not only participate, but also to see the progress every step of the way.  We understand the insurance business and the processes required.  We provide a project team with insurance expertise.  You will only need to tell us what is specific to your business and makes you unique.

  • Iterative Approach, no wait, right to be wrong

  • “Don’t sweat the small stuff” – You can easily make changes once you are using our solution

  • Think Outside the Box – A new approach reaps more benefits

  • Speak up – Speak often

  • Respect the deliverable deadlines – We like 24 hours

  • Involvement and Support of Top Management 

  • Active Subject Matter Experts

  • Business Analyst Driven

The flexibility of our solution and the reactivity of our team truly support the agile methodology.  The results, you will have a maximum amount of functionality in a short time.  Carriers to go to production sequentially, addressing one important need after another.  Progress is seen throughout implementation eliminating surprises.

If conversion from an existing system is needed, data migration is part of our methodology and we convert data in parallel on the same project timeline.

We understand that, although our system is critical to process insurance, it is one of many existing systems that need to coexist under one program management.  Therefore, we have created our solution open with an extensive list of web services so that it can easily communicate with other applications.


A key to our success is our business team, with our customers, they determine our product roadmap and our technical team manages the best solution to get the job done.  With this approach, we have expanded the concept of configurable to include:

  • lines of business

  • states

  • workflow

  • rules

  • rating

  • roles

  • widgets

  • specific user interface

This design triggers a progressive move to business intelligence and communication with social media.

Sunlight Enterprise is built on a flexible framework which maintains the agility needed to adapt.  We took a business view in merging our solution into the Microsoft world of technology, applications, and communication.  In addition, our design enables seamless coexistence with other systems which eases the burden on users.

Our business experts are available to help our customers with every step.  With the solution available anywhere with an internet connection and from any standard mobile device, your information is just a click away.


Fully integrated with Sunlight Enterprise’s Policy Administration, Billing, and Claims, users can add an element of CRM to every customer interaction.  Sunlight Enterprise manages CRM for complex Insurers – multi-line, personal or commercial, admitted and surplus lines.  It is easy to interface and is fully integrated with Social Media.

Our CRM is fully deployable to all insurer key functions such as Marketing, Underwriting, Operations, Licensing, Contract Maintenance, Compliance, Loss Control, Claims, Product Administration, Executive, Internal Audit and Finance.

Sunlight CRM is functionally robust and supports technical needs.  It is configurable, scalable, easy to interface, and has an intuitive user interface.  It is delivered with Microsoft BI, which empowers carriers to access their data efficiently and accurately.

Sunlight Enterprise CRM supports:


  • Producer’s Legal Entity

  • Organization structures

  • Affiliations

  • Multi-location

  • Contracting

  • License Maintenance

  • Appointment Maintenance

  • Background Checks

  • Line Authorization

  • Compliance

  • Commissions

  • Communication Management

  • IT User Authority

  • Print Control

  • Producer Contacts

  • Insurer Contacts

  • Underwriting / Binding Authority

  • Customer Demographics

  • Contest Tracking

  • Major Customer Events/ Emails

  • Customer Surveys


Our team combines their real-world insurance experience with the best practical advice on Sunlight Enterprise to enable each business unit to maximize efficiency. We help implement the best management of your current environment from both a business and technical standpoint.

When it is time to move away from legacy systems:

  • We support the change from one or multiple systems to Sunlight Enterprise, as one consolidated solution

  • Our data migration expertise ensures that legacy system data is confidently transferred

With Sunlight Enterprise:

  • Upgrades are delivered every two weeks, each with additional functionality

  • Our customers help define our roadmap to ensure that the releases are as useful as possible

  • Technical and business documentation is provided

  • We ensure each customer’s happiness and can provide around the clock support for any question.

Please contact us for more information.


  • Built 100% on a modern Microsoft .NET/C# platform accessible by any common web browser

  • Deployed on the cloud or on premise

  • Object-oriented structure

  • Modern SQL server database

  • Flexible to accommodate any P&C line of business

  • Powerful Mandatory technical features for automated copy, audit trails, data extract, versioning, out of sequence etc.

  • Modern and simple architecture: with straight-forward database

  • Integration with other systems: web services API, event-based messaging

  • Simplified upgrade from one version to the next

  • Easy access data for reporting

  • Security: Rule and Role based

  • Technology will last for decades because we actively maintain Microsoft’s best practices and latest releases

  • Easy interfaces with systems you currently love!


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